Radio to bring Hope to Hindi and Urdu speaking people !

Many loose in the battle of life. Their dreams remain unfulfilled, desires of the heart remain unmet. Neither relatives, nor parents or others can help.The philosophy of life and mindset taught by elders or family members does not help to change circumstances. Am I born to be poor, shed tears, suffer lack and remain sick ? Are curses and suffering the integral part of my life? Some time people become nervous and do not have desire to live. Many despite all needs met live unhappy, feel lonely and empty from within. What should we do when there are helpless, hopeless and impossible situations? Where do we do ? Where do we go ? What will happen ? These questions haunt us but there is no answer.

To bring hope in life, to get your dreams fulfilled and find correct analysis is available in a book known as “The Bible”.

Our Creator and Lord who safely brought us out from our mother´s womb loves us unconditionally and is capable to bring us out from every misery, pain and emptiness. He sent His son 2000 years ago in the very center of the world in a country known as Israel as a human being. He lived 33 years here on earth and in the last 3 years of His life, he healed

every sickness of man, delivered them from the power of evil spirits and preached the kingdom of God where man can find justice, health, peace and well being. To save human being rather than to kill them was not tolerated by the religious leaders of His time and they manipulated his death through Roman Government. God raised Him from death after 3 days and he was seen by his disciples and before their eyes He was ascended to heaven and now sits at the right hand side of God the Father. He is appointed as judge over living and the dead. One of His disciple Thomas came to South India in 52AD and he healed people and inspired them to establish relationship with God after confessing one´s sin to Him. According to Bible Jesus Christ took all our sickness, miseries, curses and poverty over himself and freed us from power of sin, sickness and death. This knowledge can change one´s despair in to hope.

In order to bring this knowledge and secrets of God, We have started Sabka Radio for you. This is 3 hours a day now at 7AM and 9PM Indian time and can be heard through internet on tablet, smart phone or computer. One has to click on radio link on our website and play.

To bring Hope in your life do not forget to listen sabka radio on our websites.

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